Moidart wreck

Pomeranian Depth 33m, height of wreck is 6m, gravel sea bed

This armed 1,878 ton collier sits upright on a silt seabed. The bows and foc’sle are reasonably intact, but she has broken in half around the engine room. The stern of this wreck is also intact and lies on its port side, a little way from the main part of the wreck across very broken wreckage.

The bow is covered in dead-men’s fingers and as you swim down the wreck the plating has given way, where you can drop into the foc’sle area. The stern section has produced a number of bottles and jars with Edinburgh makers names on them and portholes and the ships chronometer have also been recovered from her! Swimming aft through the back of the foc’sle you should see the brass navigation lamps, securely concreted into the wreck yet still fragile and easily broken!

On the port side deck, behind the foc’sle, you can see two large anchors, one of which has it’s fluke hooked over the gunnels instead of hanging down as you would expect. Aft of here, over a small hatch, you come to the forward hold. The decking has given way either side here and you should see copper steam pipes which run from the boilers to the forward winches. On the deck here is a large ‘box’, possibly a water tank, behind this is a small ‘donkey’ boiler. Under here you might see the two main boilers in the twisted, tangled wreckage. Behind the boilers is the single engine, standing proud on wreckage. The inside of the hull, to the port side of the engine are racks of the engineers tools, some spanners being very large indeed

Here, the wreck breaks up disappearing into the seabed. It is possible to fin across, if careful, to find the small, intact, stern section. The stern is on her port side. Be careful as this part of the wreck holds 12pdr shell cases for her stern gun. There are also packing cases full of cargo, .303 bullets, brass furniture fittings and stuff.

The deepest depth on the wreck is 42m around the stern section. The bow stands 6-7 meters off the seabed. It is possible to keep to a 35m depth whilst exploring the foreword section.

Pomeranian wreck