M2 Submarine wreck

Depth 35m, sandy seabed

The M2, built by Vickers in 1918, was 296ft long and sank on the 26th January 1932, with the loss of her full crew of 60.

She originally had a 12-inch gun on her forward deck, but this was removed in 1927 when she was adapted to carry a small folding-wing sea-plane manufactured by Parnell Peto. It is thought that the hangar doors were open when she submerged and this caused her to founder. Still plainly visible is the jib of the winch over the hangar door which was used to lift the aircraft back on to the launching ramp after launching on the sea.

An abortive attempt to salvage the M2 was made soon after the disaster, but the weight of the vessel combined with bad weather beat the lifting vessels just as the M2 was about to break to the surface.

She lies in about 34 metres of water and sits complete and upright. Her hangar doors are wide open and it is possible to look into the stilt interior. Many crabs, pollock, wrasse and congers can be seen on her. Can only be dived at slack water as currants can become quite strong here.